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Marketing Christian Music

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Marketing Christian Music For Your Career




Having a plan for marketing Christian music might not seem like a priority amidst the tasks of writing, practicing, and performing your art. But it’s not as expensive or complicated as you think if you put together a simple ministry marketing plan.

Gone are the days when you need to rely on a PR agent.

I had a discussion with a well known Christian former PR agent a while back, now Social Media Consultant, Pam Perry about just how the internet has changed the role of Public Relations.

Click here to listen to two parts of this Ministry Marketing Expert Series Interview Series where Pam explains how one can do much of the their own Christian music marketing.

Here’s the key. You are the one who has a major role in your success in music as you learn strategies to promote yourself, develop as a person, and be on the way to your God given destiny. Part of that key lies in your understanding of how YOU can use social media to your advantage. Marketing Christian Music

Whether you have help or not, I believe you can set up a Facebook page and begin to operate in the steps for online currency.

What do I mean?

No, I don’t mean talk all about yourself and your music and your cd. NO!

But I do mean post often developing connections, relationships and sharing your heart.

I love what my coach Sandi Krakowski says about this on why you should stay active posting on Facebook often each day: 

“Because people want to know you care. They want to know they are important. People log in on their favorite platform at their favorite time every single day. If you are there to SERVE them, it is a sign of good business. If you are not there to serve them and ONLY log on 1-2 times per day, that means that what works for YOU is of the utmost importance and what YOU want is what drives you. That says to the customer in no uncertain amount of terms, “You are not important to us.”

There are tools to do this or affordable services to help you. The Kingdom Messenger Network provides social media services.

One thing is for sure. You know God has given you a gift in music. You know He’s called you to share that talent. You see yourself on stage singing praises to God and ministering to thousands. The vision is clear, but you don’t have a clue how to put everything together including implementing marketing strategies.

Where do you start in marketing Christian music? is marketing Christian music more difficult than “secular” music? Is there a clear path in the arena of marketing Christian music?

In my 15 plus years working in Christian Radio and even in the general media field (KXLY-TV in Spokane, Washington), I’ve been blessed to witness powerful ministry marketing strategies that have brought great success in music to specific artists in the Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) industry. Marketing Christian Music

The keys to the success and strategies to promoting yourself in marketing Christian music might surprise you.

You may think that if an artist gets signed with a well known record label then the company’s “built in” Christian marketing system would pave the way for that person. In some cases, it definitely is an advantage. But not the key as explained above in relation to former PR agent Pam Perry.

559 music 1 Marketing Christian MusicThe one vital ingredient comes down to simply this: you ! You and the skills you have. The Contemporary Christian Music call it “artist development”.

I’m not talking about your musical skills, but your ability to communicate and deal with other people. Another word for that is your personal development.

The artists or members of a band that were humble, sincere, and always giving back were the ones who I saw get promoted and have success in music.

In addition, use that authenticity with some of your own social media marketing and you have a powerful package for promotion.

Relationships are important too. Now you can develop relationships in person…and on line by producing videos, having e-mail marketing campaigns of content, and implementing a precise social media marketing plan. You can also develop relationships in person in the local AGPic Marketing Christian Musicarea your live.

During my years at WWEV FM 91.5, just north of Atlanta, we had many artist come by the radio station just to meet us and get to know the staff. They were not just cordial to the voice talent (jocks), but also to the behind the scenes people, such as the office staff.

I remember this one well known Christian artist (John Schlitt) calling the station one day to talk to our Music Director. When our receptionist discovered who he was while taking a message, she was thrilled. HE was one of HER favorite artists. I’ll never forget it. He took time to talk to her, ask her questions, find out about her family, and thanked her for her work at the station. No hidden agenda for him. (My mom loves his music too!) The guy could rock out with the best of them at that time and still had a way with music lovers of ALL ages. That is something to learn from, no matter what style of music you sing or perform.

Of course, that is what Amy Grant was always known for also. She was as real on stage as she is in real life.

A couple of years ago, I had another radio job at THE FISH Atlanta, 104.7 when Amy came by for an interview and to greet a few contest winner fans.

If you take time to watch the video above which I produced for the Fish, you can see on camera how authentic she is. She took time with fans. She offered to take pictures, asked about their families…..and spoke so honestly of her recent pain with having to put her parents in a private care center. 

So, as you continue to write inspiring lyrics and practice moving pieces of art for the masses, here are some strategies to promote your music and get you on track for your Christian Music Marketing plan so you can see success in the journey toward your God given destiny.

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